Our History

We are an agency founded in 2016 thanks to thirty years of knowledge of the area through renovation works, we deal with properties throughout the Italian territory focusing on Piedmont which is our area but we are able to cover many areas.
In a time of recession we have decided to believe even more in our Biella area with an eye to our Valley.

We know well that a crisis like the current one does not come out with a stroke of the magic wand, but we believe that the house is and should still be, as for our “old” ones, the primary asset for which to make a sacrifice and in which to invest.
We want to continue building houses and with this new activity, above all, to give young people the opportunity to buy them.
Obviously, believing in a project means investing not only in economic terms but also in terms of time and ideas.
Designing, building, rebuilding, selling a house is the result of a long work and commitment.
We enter people’s lives and we would like to do it in the best possible way and our project is born from here.

Why contact a real estate agency

The real estate agency places itself between seller and buyer with objectivity and neutrality aspects that the direct seller / buyer relationship is not always able to guarantee.

The agency can judge the buyer by trying to fully understand the needs and availability by submitting different solutions at the same time can help the seller in the first place to identify the right price at which to sell the property to avoid wasting precious time and unpleasant discounts during the term of office and in the event of a negotiation, it is a valid support in the management of the preparation of the documentation necessary for the sale.

The professionalism of the real estate agent stays in it’s impartiality in detecting positive and negative elements, enhancing the former and resolving the latter by following the seller and buyer until the conclusion of the negotiation.
Buying or selling a property is an important and unique moment in life, relying on a professional is a resource and not a waste of money.

Big Cadrega and Big Chaise longue

The Biella area and in this case the Cervo Valley offers wonderful views, which is why we decided to build a large “Chaise Longue” to “sit down” and admire them better. You can find it in the garden of the Agriturismo Ca d ‘Andrei in Case Code Superiore, where among other things you can taste their delicacies at KM zero. And a “Giant Cadrega” could not be missing at the entrance to the road that leads from Sagliano Micca in the upper Cervo Valley, an invitation to take a seat in a unique valley of its kind, obviously passing first to taste mountain cheeses and local products from obviously obviously ‘Mazzucchetti Farm. And the third one near the Conad di Andorno Micca has just arrived!
Go a visionary