What we do:

– Creation of new residential villas with all comforts with the possibility of finishing by the customer to their personal taste

– Renovation and recovery of existing buildings with aesthetic improvements and attention to energy saving

– Excavations for the creation of customized swimming pools with design on the lining

– Renovations in historic centers

“ex cinema Galliari Andorno Micca”

“Via Repubblica Biella”

– Urbanization, waterproofing, energy recovery works ..

– Specifications tailored for you with images relating to the materials.

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– estimates aimed at obtaining the bank loan

More info:

tel. 349 – 9112723 | elisabettaimmobiliare@gmail.com

Harmonious creations of environments

In the construction of the house the quality materials are the masters but no one ever dwells on the harmoniousness of the environments or to create graceful homes.

Remember also the eye wants its part.

Always updating

When building a new house, you must always keep up with the latest energy saving technologies, alternative sources, construction methods.

This work is only successful if you have a good foundation.

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